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Beaverton-area High School Football Concussions Nearly Double National Average—Beaverton-area High School Football Concussions Nearly Double National…

Oregon 5th Worst State in Caring For Adult Mental Illness—Oregon 5th Worst State in Caring For Adult…

NEW: Sen. Wyden Says America’s Cuban Policy Failed—NEW: Sen. Wyden Says America's Cuban Policy Failed

BREAKING: Portland High School Shooting: Third Suspect Arrested—BREAKING: Portland High School Shooting: Third Suspect Arrested

Party Report: Symphony’s Showalter Feted at Gentleman-Callers Dinner—Party Report: Symphony's Showalter Feted at Gentleman-Callers Dinner

NEW: Portland Filmmaker: Sony Gives Into Tyranny of Internet Hackers—NEW: Portland Filmmaker: Sony Gives Into Tyranny of…

NEW: Portland Gets Back Jobs Lost to Recession—NEW: Portland Gets Back Jobs Lost to Recession

NEW: CNN Names Portland as one of “Best Places to Dine With Celebs in U.S.”—NEW: CNN Names Portland as one of "Best…

Scott Bruun: Portland’s Uber-Control Over Free Markets—Scott Bruun: Portland’s Uber-Control Over Free Markets

DIY Chocolatey Gifts For The Holidays—DIY Chocolatey Gifts For The Holidays



Beaverton-area High School Football Concussions Nearly Double National Average

The concussion rates of high school football players at some Portland-area high schools were nearly twice as high as the… Read More



Oregon 5th Worst State in Caring For Adult Mental Illness

Oregon is one of the worst states to have a mental illness in, according to a new national report by Mental Health America.… Read More



NEW: Sen. Wyden Says America’s Cuban Policy Failed

Senator Ron Wyden said the United State's Cuban diplomatic policy has failed to achieve its goals and he supports… Read More



BREAKING: Portland High School Shooting: Third Suspect Arrested

Officers respond to a Dec. 12 shooting at Rosemary Anderson HS in Portland.Photo Credit: GoLocalPDX // Kemea Smith

Authorities have arrested the third and final suspect wanted in connection to the Dec. 12 shooting outside Rosemary Anderson… Read More



NEW: Portland Filmmaker: Sony Gives Into Tyranny of Internet Hackers

James Franco and Seth Rogen, the stars of The Interview

It’s the best press a film production company could ever hope for, according to one Portland film maker.



NEW: Portland Gets Back Jobs Lost to Recession

The Portland-metro area has gained back jobs lost during the recession, but the median household incomes are still below… Read More



Scott Bruun: Portland’s Uber-Control Over Free Markets

Uber, the wildly successful and controversial ride sharing service, does many things well.  It effectively and… Read More



Personal Finance: The Hazards of Investing In High Turnover Mutual Funds

Morningstar, the Chicago-based mutual fund rating firm, recently reported on the 2014 performance of various funds… Read More



Home for the Holidays? Take Your Bike and Save Your Sanity

Headed home for the holidays and already dreading not having your bike with you for a week or more? 



slides: 10 Highest and Lowest Rated Professors at Oregon Public Universities

Oregon State has most of the state's highest and lowest-rated professors.

GoLocalPDX examined professor ratings of the seven historical Oregon University System schools—University of… Read More



With Robin Lopez Out 6-7 Weeks, Who Should Take His Place?

Conventional wisdown suggests moving Chris Kaman into the starting lineup, but is the 32-year-old capable of extended… Read More



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UPDATED:Portland Bomb Squad Investigates Explosive Devices Tossed From Vehicle

<p><em>Neal Allen Panschow Photo credit: Portland Police Bureau</em></p>

The Portland bomb squad responded to a report of an explosive device thrown from a vehicle, according to the Portland Police… Read More



video: NEW: Uber Releases Video of Happy Portland Drivers

A controversial ‘ride-sharing’ app released a video Tuesday of happy Uber drivers testifying how much they liked… Read More



video: NEW: Marcus Mariota Appears on Letterman

Days after winning the Heisman Memorial Trophy, Marcus Mariota made an appearance on The Late Show With David Letterman.



Portland Young Adults Worse Off Than Parent’s Generation

<p><em>Photo credit: <a href=

Young adults in the Portland metro-area are worse off than their parent’s generation, data from the U.S. Census Bureau… Read More



NEW: Three Men Indicted for 1995 Portland Murder

Three men were indicted Friday for a Portland murder that occurred in 1995.



NEW: Bring Your Christmas Tree Home on Your Bike, Back

Forget picking up a Christmas tree with your car this year. Instead, strap the tree to your back and ride home on your bike,… Read More



NEW: Nation’s Tallest Cuckoo Clock to Visit Portland Airport

Photo credit: Kari Rowe/TravelPortland.com

America’s tallest cuckoo clock will be on display in Portland International Airport starting Thursday the 18th. 



County: New Courthouse Sure to Be Built on Veritable Quandary Site

Lower left: The county is all but certain to develop a new public courthouse on the lot south of SW Madison Street (center). The development would slide a section off of the Veritable Quandary restaurant (lower left corner). Photo credit: Google

A new county courthouse slated for completion by 2020 will almost certainly be built on land where a portion of a popular… Read More



Robin Lopez Fractures Hand as Blazers Top Spurs

Fighting for a rebound Lopez banged his right hand against Boris Diaw's head. He is expected be out a month.



slides: Party Report: Symphony’s Showalter Feted at Gentleman-Callers Dinner

Oregon Symphony's Scott Showalter and Metropolitan's Youth Symphony's Andres Lopera. Photo by Byron Beck.

Whitebird's Walter Jaffe and Paul King, joined by their bird/company mascot Barney, and Thomas Lauderdale and Bob Speltz… Read More



NEW: CNN Names Portland as one of “Best Places to Dine With Celebs in U.S.”

Reese Witherspoon, Cheryl Strayed and Laura Dern spotted outside of Tasty n Alder. Photo Credit: Instagram

CNN has named Portland as "one of the best places to dine with celebrities in the U.S."



DIY Chocolatey Gifts For The Holidays

Everyone’s favorite holiday sin (also know as homemade chocolate) is truly a gift of love. We’ll leave the… Read More



slides: Portland, 5th Best Food City in America

Fine cuisine at Pok Pok in Portland, courtesy of Pok Pok

Portland is the 5th best major food city in America, according to a new ranking by Thrillist. 



NEW: Stardar: Keegan-Michael Key To Be Surprise Guest at “Twist Your Dickens”

Keegan-Michael Key. Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Keegan-Michael Key, star of Comedy Central’s "Key & Peele," is going to be the celebrity guest for Portland Center… Read More



College Admissions: Following up after Applications are Submitted

Search page summary: Tips for making sure colleges received all the materials needed to review your application



NEW: Portland’s ‘Cuddle Up To Me’ Owner Concerned About New Cuddling App

The iOS app CuddleBids, was released Monday.

Samantha Hess, owner of Cuddle Up To Me expressed concern about the safety and security of new app CuddleBIDS.



slides: Party Report: Foot Traffic’s Holiday Half in North Portland

Festive Outfits were on tap at the Holiday Half in North Portland. Photo by Byron Beck.

Portland's chilliest half marathon/winter party wasn't actually very chilly this year. In fact, the Holiday Half… Read More



Ski Season Preview: Oregon’s Best Ski Resorts

Photo Credit: <a href=

Okay folks, it’s time to pray for snow, do a snow dance, burn a pair of skis or perform any other pre-snow ritual you… Read More



High Notes: The Best Live Music in Portland This Week, Dec. 15

Satin Chaps by Andy Batt

It’s always wise to prepare for unexpected guests during the holidays. This week, we’ve got company coming from… Read More



video: Northwest Dance Project: Help Build Our New Home

Photo Credit: Blaine Truitt Covert (image cropped)

Northwest Dance Project needs your support in replacing audio and other dance equipment, after a broken water main disaster.



Pearl District’s Coppia to Change Owners on Jan. 1

Coppia is located in the Pearl District

After almost ten years as owners of Coppia Restaurant & Wine Bar (opened in the Pearl District as Vino Paradiso, in 2005,… Read More



slides: Party Report: Portland’s Clown Wedding of the Century

Newlyweds Dingo and Olive at the Clown Wedding of the Century

Not every wedding reception includes a six-foot cockroach. But this was not your average wedding reception.



Eastern Oregon Goes to Brooklyn: Pendleton Round-up film at BAM

Photo credit: Brooklyn Academy of Music

The Pendleton Round-Up is going to Brooklyn, NY in January. Alternative singer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist,… Read More



Dear Robin: How Do I Talk to My Wife About THAT Time of the Month?

Photo Credit: <a href=

Dear Robin, I have been tracking my wife’s cycle for several years. There is a certain time during the month when… Read More



NEW: The Fossil Cartel To Leave Pioneer Place in January 2015

Quartz Cluster Photo Credit: Fossil Cartel

Local Portland retail shop, The Fossil Cartel is moving out of Pioneer Place in January 2015. 



slides: Portland, 2nd Best U.S. City for Living an Active Lifestyle

Portland is the 2nd best city in the U.S. for living an active lifestyle, according to a study by WalletHub. 



Literopolis: A Weekly Round-up of Portland Literary Events: Dec 15-21

This week, Portland is in for a literary doozy.



slides: Gift Guide: 30 Terrific Gifts Each Under $100

Tetris Stackable LED Desk Lamp Photo Credit: Think Geek

GoLocalPDX has compiled a variety of gifts that are under $100, for the extra special people in your life. 



slides: Portland Described in 15 Awesome GIFs

The Darth Vader Unicycling

As Portlanders, we're obsessed wih our eccentric city. We love our books, our beer, our Blazers, and everything… Read More



10 Ways to Keep the Cold Out This Winter

Photo: Mosaik Design

Creative Tips to Keep Yourself and Your Home Warm this Winter.


Beauty & Fashion

slides: Portland Threads: Dresses and Skirts Only

Pixie wearing a gray blazer and polka dot skirt. Photo Credit: Kemea Smith

Portland Threads is GoLocalPDXs weekly review of what Portlanders are wearing on the streets.



slides: 10 Cute Pets in Need Of Loving Homes- December 13

Hi! My name is Mocha.

The Multnomah County Animal Services is hosting “Operation Silent Night” to find safe and loving homes for every… Read More



College Three by Five: Women’s Colleges

Long after colleges for women were established as the only educational path open to girls to pursue higher education, there… Read More



Five Fun Things to Do This Weekend: Dec. 12-14

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons (cropped)

Everything in Portland this weekend is occuring on Saturday. Don't ask me why that is. Below I've provided some this… Read More



The Reluctant Adventurer: Q & A With Professional Cuddler, Samantha Hess


I recently had occasion to be cuddled professionally for my weekly GoLocalPDX column, “The Reluctant… Read More



slides: 7 Movies With Iconic Hollywood Star Cars

1965 Mercedes Benz 220SE Convertible that Bradley Cooper and crew take to Vegas in 'The Hangover'

Every movie director and casting agent spend weeks, months, maybe years picking the right actors to play the important roles… Read More