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“The Sunday Political Brunch” - May 29—"The Sunday Political Brunch" - May 29

Portland Man Lights Himself on Fire – Near Death—Portland Man Lights Himself on Fire – Near…

The Concert Capitals of America—The Concert Capitals of America

Breaking Down Lillard’s All-NBA Selection & How the ‘Derrick Rose Rule’ Earned Him a Pay Raise—Breaking Down Lillard’s All-NBA Selection & How the…

Why America Will Never Tire of Superhero Movies—Why America Will Never Tire of Superhero Movies

The Best Holidays to Travel—The Best Holidays to Travel

Indie Artist Sues Justin Bieber Over Melody for “Sorry”—Indie Artist Sues Justin Bieber Over Melody for…

Terry Stotts The Right Fit for the Portland Trail Blazers—Terry Stotts The Right Fit for the Portland…

Friday Financial Five – May 27, 2016—Friday Financial Five – May 27, 2016

Trump Reaches Magic Number of Delegates, Locks up GOP Nomination—Trump Reaches Magic Number of Delegates, Locks up…



“The Sunday Political Brunch” - May 29

We’re on the road again this weekend in the Keystone State of Pennsylvania. A number of polls out this week show it… Read More



Portland Man Lights Himself on Fire – Near Death

A Portland man suffered life threatening injuries after he lit himself on fire on Sunday, May 29.



Breaking Down Lillard’s All-NBA Selection & How the ‘Derrick Rose Rule’ Earned Him a Pay Raise

On February 19th, Damian Lillard made a statement to the NBA. In the first contest back from the All-Star break, the Portland… Read More



Terry Stotts The Right Fit for the Portland Trail Blazers

Recently, the Portland Trail Blazers and their head coach, Terry Stotts, agreed to a three-year extension, to much joy among… Read More



Friday Financial Five – May 27, 2016

Across the United States, hot real estate markets are causing elation and some concern as areas that suffered heavily in the… Read More



Trump Reaches Magic Number of Delegates, Locks up GOP Nomination

Republican Candidate Donald Trump has reached the magic number of delegates necessary to clinch his party's… Read More



Dame Dolla’ Is Here To Stay

Damian Lillard has made a name for himself as a multi-talented figure since he arrived on the NBA scene in 2012. He’s a… Read More



Better Business Bureau Issues 2nd Warning Against JustFly.com

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is issuing a warning about the online travel agency JustFly.com. 



The Best SUV Brands

For many, SUVs have replaced minivans as the vehicle of choice for family and group caravans. With sleeker… Read More



Male Domestic Violence Suspect Shot by Police Following Incident With Woman

A male domestic violence suspect was shot by police officers after an incident between a man and a woman took place in the… Read More



Recovered Human Remains Suggest EgyptAir Plane Was Brought Down by Explosion

Burn marks found on recovered human remains from the crash site of EgyptAir Flight 804 suggest that it was an explosion which… Read More



video: Portland Police Reach Out to Sexual Assault Victims With Video Promoting the Rose Project

The Portland Police Bureau have released a public service announcement for the Rose Project. The poject is one that would… Read More



Trump Leads Clinton for 1st Time in General Election Poll

Donald Trump leads Hillary Clinton in general election polling, according to RealClearPolitics. 



Portland Thorns: We’ve Got Tobin Heath

The Portland Thorns went through a major overhaul this season, revamping their roster after a disappointing 2015 campaign, in… Read More



Oregon Ranks 3rd Worst in Country for Military Retirees

Oregon ranks as the 3rd worst in the country for military retirees, according to a recent study done by WalletHub. 



More Than 120 People Dead After Bombings in Syria

Bombings perpetrated by ISIS in the Syria coastal cities of Jableh and Tartus have killed more than 120, according to… Read More



Police Find Husband’s Remains in Death Investigation of Warm Springs Woman

Mark Kevin Johnson, Jr.

Investigators have found the remains of Mark Kevin Johnson, Jr. in Deschutes County after FBI agents and Warm Springs Police… Read More



Portland’s Cascadia Clash Victory Ends Bad Start to 2016 for Timbers

In a clash of Cascadia rivals, the Vancouver Whitecaps traveled south across the border to meet the Portland Timbers at… Read More



“The Sunday Political Brunch” – May 22, 2016

We are on the road again this week, at a crossroads of three states that may be interesting in Campaign 2016 –… Read More



Data Shows Metals Above Air Quality Targets Near Precision Castparts

The first set of data from an air monitor that was placed near industrial manufacturer Precision Castparts Corp. in southeast… Read More



EgyptAir Flight 804 Plane Wreckage Found Near Alexandria Egypt, Says Egypt Army

The Egyptian air and naval forces have spotted a body part, passengers' personal belongings, and other debris from… Read More



The Concert Capitals of America

Every summer, many look forward to barbecues, beachside activities and concerts. From full-blown music… Read More



Why America Will Never Tire of Superhero Movies

Hollywood thought young adult dystopian films were the next superhero franchises — and that gamble has cost it… Read More



The Best Holidays to Travel

Anyone who’s had to travel during the holidays knows how taxing it can be. If you’re driving, the crowded… Read More



Indie Artist Sues Justin Bieber Over Melody for “Sorry”

Justin Bieber

Indie artist Casey Dienel, who records under the name White Hinterland, has filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against… Read More



Didi’s Manners & Etiquette: Returning to Work Job Interview

What is returning to work etiquette when you've been out of the workforce for quite a while? What to say and what info to… Read More



The Most Common Countries to Study Abroad

For college students, few experiences can compare to studying abroad. Campuses can sometimes work as a protective bubble, and… Read More



Counties Where Medicare Spends the Most per Patient

In the next few years, the number of people with Medicare is going to boom. All thanks to, you guessed it, the… Read More



Organize + Energize: Is Your Cluttered Bedroom Killing Your Mood?

Have you ever thought about how the clutter in your bedroom is affecting your mood? I’m not even talking about your… Read More



Fit For Life: Your Decision

There is one major act that dictates the outcome of everything we do or all that happens to us.



The 50 Best Movies of All Time

Ask 100 people to name their top five movies, and you'll get 100 different answers. That’s the beauty of cinema:… Read More



157 Pregnant Women in the U.S. Test Positive for Zika Virus

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Friday that 157 women in the United States have tested positive for… Read More



Beastie Boys’ Founder John Berry Passes Away at 52

John Berry, one of the founding members of the Beastie Boys, and person responsible for the band's name, passed away on… Read More



The Best Colleges for Surfing

As the calendar turns to summertime, the sun emerging from the clouds means one thing for beach bums everywhere: the… Read More



Best Cars for Soccer Moms

Minivans are extremely practical, but most would agree that they are severely lacking in the “cool” department.… Read More



Corvallis Ranks as One of Drunkest Cities in America

Corvallis, Oregon has been ranked as one of the drunkest cities in America by 24/7 Wall St. Corvallis ranks 20th on the… Read More



Didi’s Manners & Etiquette: Talking to The Technology

As the new authority, is technology killing off good manners and etiquette? Is it time for bots to manner-up and… Read More



video: The Wonderful Show: Expectations vs. Reality

The Wonderful Show is a new feature on GoLocal and highlights the talent of local comedian Evan Smith. Each episode is… Read More



Fast and Cheap Zika Detection: Coming Soon

Detecting the Zika virus isn’t cheap or easy, but a diverse crew of collaborative scientists is… Read More



Organize + Energize: The Harmful Effects of Dry Cleaning Bags

What happens to your clothes when you bring them back from the dry cleaners? Do you take them out of the plastic bags and… Read More



Oregon State Fair Releases Summer Concert Lineup

Pat Benatar PHOTO: Wikipedia

The Oregon State Fair has released is Summer Concert Lineup. This year, a touring bicycle, named "Fairley" will deliver the… Read More



Fit For Life: The Triple D Will Take You There…

I love to watch the food network at night before I fall asleep. I don't watch the news or anything that sends any… Read More



2016 Waterfront Blues Festival Daily Admission Set at $10

The Oregon Food Bank has set the daily admission price for the 2016 Waterfront Blues Festival at $10 per day. The festival… Read More



Why are 29 Million People Still Uninsured?

An estimated 20 million people have gained insurance since health care reform was signed into law in 2010, but in… Read More



Didi’s Manners & Etiquette: STD Sharing Information

With spring in the air there's a lot more handholding and etiquette questions about safe sex to Didi Lorillard… Read More


Beauty & Fashion

30 Foods to Eat for Healthy Hair and Skin

Americans spend over $55 billion a year on their appearances, according to a 2014 report on the cosmetics industry.… Read More



Organize + Energize: A Quick Organizing Project - Organizing Your Meds

When was the last time you took inventory of all the medication in your home? How much time do you waste searching for a… Read More



slides: 10 Free (or Almost Free) Things to do for Mom on Mother’s Day Weekend

Money could be a little tight this weekend with families putting much of their resources into Mother's Day brunch and… Read More