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Growing List of Alleged Sexual Harassers—Growing List of Alleged Sexual Harassers

Kaplan: The Kids’ Table—Kaplan: The Kids’ Table

Weiss: Aging Groups - House GOP Tax Rewrite a Turkey—Weiss: Aging Groups - House GOP Tax Rewrite…

Sunday Political Brunch: Why is South Carolina Such a Pivotal State—November 19, 2017—Sunday Political Brunch: Why is South Carolina Such…

500 Words Or Less Rant – NBA Uniforms—500 Words Or Less Rant – NBA Uniforms

Fecteau: Moore’s Morality Matters—Fecteau: Moore’s Morality Matters

7 Reasons To Hire A Personal Trainer—7 Reasons To Hire A Personal Trainer

Depression In Humans – Differences And How To Defeat It 0—Depression In Humans – Differences And How To…

Bellator Announces 2018 Heavyweight World Grand Prix Featuring Chael Sonnen—Bellator Announces 2018 Heavyweight World Grand Prix Featuring…

Instacart Expands Service in Salem, Adds 100 Jobs—Instacart Expands Service in Salem, Adds 100 Jobs



slides: Growing List of Alleged Sexual Harassers

From the Rhode Island State House to Hollywood to the growing controversy at the headquarters of National Public Radio… Read More



Kaplan: The Kids’ Table

Do you remember being stuck at the kids’ table for Thanksgiving dinner growing up? I do. There were always too many of… Read More



Sunday Political Brunch: Why is South Carolina Such a Pivotal State—November 19, 2017

Mark Curtis

We were on the road again this week to attend an Army graduation in South Carolina. I got to tour one of the nation’s… Read More



video: 500 Words Or Less Rant – NBA Uniforms

Sometimes, you just need to rant about certain sports topics. But, sometimes ranting can turn into long… Read More



Fecteau: Moore’s Morality Matters

Alabama U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore has been accused by at least five women of molestation when they were underage. To… Read More



Bellator Announces 2018 Heavyweight World Grand Prix Featuring Chael Sonnen

Bellator MMA announced this week that it would be holding a major heavyweight title tournament in 2018. The Heavyweight World… Read More



Instacart Expands Service in Salem, Adds 100 Jobs

The grocery delivery service Instacart is expanded their service in Salem and is bringing more than 100 jobs to the… Read More



Portland Trail Blazers Early Season Woes Continue In 2017-18 Season

After winning 17 of their final 23 regular season games last spring to close out 2016-17, the Portland Trail Blazers had high… Read More



Sunday Political Brunch - The Perils of Party Infighting—November 12, 2017

Two new political books are shedding light on something a lot of people don’t like to admit – party infighting is… Read More



NFC West Mid-Season Recap And Review

If we’ve learned anything over the first half of the season, it’s that this division really is the Wild Wild NFC… Read More



University Of Washington Men’s Basketball – Rebuilding Starts With The Coaching Staff

Former Washington coach Lorenzo Romar was largely credited with an affable personality for bringing in highly ranked recruits… Read More



Sunday Political Brunch: President Trump Had a Roller Coaster Week—November 5, 2017

It was an up-and-down week for President Trump – perhaps his most topsy-turvy week in the White House. He sure had some… Read More



The 2017 Ex-Seattle Mariners All-Playoff Team

Like stalking your ex’s Instagram, it’s not a great idea to pay too much attention to how former-Mariners are… Read More



VIDEO: Terror Attack Hits New York—Developing

Eight have been killed and more than a dozen injured according to a 5:20 PM press conference hosted by New York City Mayor… Read More



Manafort, Rick Gates Indicted on 12 Charges Including Conspiracy Against U.S.

Paul Manafort

Former Donald Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort surrendered to the FBI on Monday morning after he and his… Read More



Sunday Political Brunch: Is Republican Party at a Crossroads?—October 29, 2017

I guess I foreshadowed the Trump versus U.S. Senate feud in last week’s column, but it’s just gotten worse. Where… Read More



Where To Get Useful Information For Sports Betting

Sports betting may be a form of gambling but this does not mean you no longer have to base your decision on certain facts and… Read More



Sunday Political Brunch—October 22 - Could There be a “Trump Effect” in 2018?

We are just over a year away from the 2018 midterm Congressional elections. While Republicans hold a big lead in the House… Read More



Fecteau: Disrespecting Our Fallen Heroes

President Donald Trump has shown he is so callous and disgraceful that he will sink to any level. Nonetheless, even I thought… Read More



The 20 Safest Cities in Oregon - See the List

Hubbard has been ranked as the safest city in Oregon for the second year in a row, according to Safewise’s latest… Read More



Is Connaughton Ready To Make Significant Contributions To TheTrail Blazers?

Pat Connaughton

The Portland Trail Blazers’ 2016-17 season was a year defined by high ambitions and unmet expectations. 



Weiss: Aging Groups - House GOP Tax Rewrite a Turkey

Thanksgiving approaches the GOP-Controlled House has passed H.R. 1, “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act,” its tax reform… Read More



7 Reasons To Hire A Personal Trainer

Hiring a personal trainer is a big decision, although one with a lot of positive benefits. It’s no wonder almost all… Read More



Depression In Humans – Differences And How To Defeat It 0

Is depression different amongst humans, whether they be male, female or nonbinary? In so many words, yes. As far as symptom… Read More



Rogue Ales & Spirits Launches New Beer at University of Portland Basketball Game

Rogue Ales & Spirits launched their newest drink titled Pilots Pale Ale at Saturday night’s University of Portland… Read More



Portland Ranked as 2nd Best City for Beer Lovers

The City of Portland has been ranked as the second best city in the United States for beer lovers, according to a… Read More



Portland Ranked 2nd Best City in U.S. for Vegans & Vegetarians

For vegans and vegetarians, Portland is the place to be. According to a recent study completed by WalletHub, Portland… Read More



Weiss: Senate Aging Panel Calls for Improved Emergency Preparation & Response

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it" -- George Santayana, a philosopher, essayist,… Read More



Distillery Row Announces Theme for October Cocktail Crawl

Distillery Row is dedicating their October Cocktail Crawl to the Old Fashioned. The crawl will take place on Saturday,… Read More



Re-Think Your Workout

Fall is here, which means a few things for folks here in the Pacific Northwest: “Pumpkin” flavored everything… Read More



Weiss: Analysis Says That Aging Veterans at Greater Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease

On Monday, October 2, at a press conference  USAgainstAlzheimer’s, (UsA2), along with veterans groups, plan… Read More



Barbers To Raise Year’s Worth Of Peanut Butter for Portland Police Sunshine Division

Don & Alison Lovell

Portland barbershop The Barbers will raise a year’s worth of peanut butter for the Portland Police Bureau Sunshine… Read More



Rogue Ales & Spirits Announces Latest Beer “Dead N’ Dead”

Rogue Ales and Spirits has announced the creation of their newest beer titled Dead N’ Dead.



Save Money And Minutes With These Meal Prep Secrets

70% of successful weight loss and body re-composition starts with what we eat. Getting to the gym is easy comparable to… Read More


Beauty & Fashion

The Accessory Junkie Bringing Speakeasy Pop-Up to Portland

Accessory Junkie

Portland company The Accessory Junkie is bringing their Speakeasy Pop-Up Tour to Portland’s Society Hotel.



Zappos Brings Free Parking to Portland’s Pearl District

Zappos is bringing free parking to Portland’s Pearl District.



Fit For Life: Grocery Store Bingo

With the entrance of Amazon into the grocery store world by purchasing Whole Foods (aka Whole Paycheck), and… Read More



video: 5 Best Chest Exercises For Beginners

In the spirit of ‘The Basics Always Win’, I will offer my list of the five best exercises for beginners. Those… Read More



Portland Featured in New Children’s Book “50 Cities of the U.S.A.”

Portland is prominently featured in a new children’s book titled “50 Cities of the U.S.A.”



4 Things You Need To Know About Your Body’s Energy Levels

Normally, when we think of our lives, we envision long and prosperous ones. Although DNA plays a major role in your… Read More



Fruit – Helpful Or Harmful?

With the astronomical rates of obesity across the board in today’s America, as with other eras, people have turned to… Read More


Beauty & Fashion

Columbia Sportswear in Portland Calling for Old, Worn Out Clothes for ReThreads Program

Columbia Sportswear

Columbia Sportswear in Portland is calling for old, worn-out, end of life garments or shoes for its ReThreads recycling… Read More



Distillery Row to Host Beach Party in Downtown Beach Party

The Distilleries of Distillery Row are set to turn the parking lot of House Spirits into a full on beach for its annual… Read More



American Idol Holding Auditions in Portland

American Idol hosting auditions in Portland

American Idol is coming to Portland for auditions.


Beauty & Fashion

Online Fashion Store Zappos Bringing “Friends With Benefits” Tour to Portland

Zappos is coming to Portland

Online apparel and footwear store Zappos is bringing their brand to Portland as part of their nationwide… Read More



Portland Comic Book Publisher TidalWave Honors Princess Diana With New Book

Portland comic book publisher TidalWave Productions is releasing a new exclusive comic book biography titled… Read More



Weiss: Report - Cognitive-Simulating Activities Good for Your Brain’s Health

Don’t expect playing “brain games” to have the long-term brain health benefits oftentimes reported in… Read More



Portland to Host Oregon’s 1st Pan African Festival

The city of Portland is set to host Oregon’s first annual Pan African Festival (PAF).

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