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Happy Thanksgiving and Thanks, from GoLocalPDX—Happy Thanksgiving and Thanks, from GoLocalPDX

Oregon’s Biggest Political ‘Turkeys’ of the Year—Oregon's Biggest Political 'Turkeys' of the Year

Major Retail Outlets’ Thanksgiving Day Shopping Hours—Major Retail Outlets' Thanksgiving Day Shopping Hours

Thanksgiving Day and Football: Traditions That Will Never Die—Thanksgiving Day and Football: Traditions That Will Never…

Make the Most of Your Thanksgiving Leftovers With Recipes from Local Chefs—Make the Most of Your Thanksgiving Leftovers With…

In Appreciation of Sean Mannion—In Appreciation of Sean Mannion

Five Ways Living in the Moment will Improve your Health—Five Ways Living in the Moment will Improve…

Auto Hollywood: The Cars With The Most Awards This Year—Auto Hollywood: The Cars With The Most Awards…

Other Ways to Shop Local on Black Friday—Other Ways to Shop Local on Black Friday

Portland Then/Now: Southwest 11th Ave. and Morrison St.—Portland Then/Now: Southwest 11th Ave. and Morrison St.



Happy Thanksgiving and Thanks, from GoLocalPDX

Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for reading GoLocalPDX. It’s hard to believe it’s been only three months… Read More



Oregon’s Biggest Political ‘Turkeys’ of the Year

Photo Credit: iStock

This Thanksgiving holiday, GoLocalPDX brings you this year’s biggest political turkeys. 



Thanksgiving Day and Football: Traditions That Will Never Die

Photo Credit: iStock

Remember the talk a couple months ago about the impending death knell for football in America? The concerns about the… Read More



In Appreciation of Sean Mannion

Sean Mannion

Quarterbacks are saddled with too much blame, but they’re also showered with too much praise and… Read More



Activist Says Officers Who Sided with Darren Wilson Should Be Fired

A prominent member of Portland's African American community said Tuesday that three local policemen should be fired after… Read More



Social Media: Protesters Clash With Portland Police

A number of demonstrators clashed with Portland police Tuesday night after a demonstration spilled onto the city’s… Read More



30 Crows Die Mysteriously in Downtown Portland

<p><em>Photo credit: iStock</em></p>

Approximately 30 crows died from unknown causes around Portland Wednesday morning, according to the Portland Police… Read More



Portland One of Nation’s Safest For Bikes

Portland has the fourth lowest bicyclist fatality rates in the U.S., according to a report by the the 2014 Alliance… Read More



Scott Bruun: Why I’m Thankful For Former Portland Attorney, Kelly Clark

Kelly Clark via kellyclarkattorney.com

Kelly Clark, the renowned Portland trial attorney, was all smiles that morning.  He was leaving Portland Providence,… Read More



Gladys Bikes the Latest Victim of Bike Theft

Gladys Bikes owner Leah Benson is

Gladys Bikes, recently voted Best Women Focused Bike Shop in the country, was burglarized last night in the wee hours of… Read More



Personal Finance: Working While Receiving Early Social Security Benefits

Photo Credit: iStock

Deciding when to begin taking your Social Security retirement benefit is a very important decision for several reasons. … Read More



Why The Civil War Will Always Be the Most Important Game of the Year

Beavers vs. Ducks, via go-beavers.blogspot.com

There is an ongoing debate among Duck fans regarding who their biggest rival is, Washington or Oregon State. While the… Read More



Ore. Nursing Homes Overstate Staff Levels at Twice National Average

<p><em>Photo credit: iStock</em></p>

Oregon nursing homes overstated their staff levels by 13 percent in 2012, more than twice as high as the national average of… Read More



Release of Police Horses Not Part of Protests

Bradly Sean Miller

Police have arrested Bradly Sean Miller, 24, for releasing five horses from the Portland Police Bureau’s mounted patrol… Read More



Roy Jay: Portland Can Do it Better Than Ferguson

A girl with a sign that reads

The case of Michael Brown is unfortunately not unusual. We see it every day, every week- the killing of a young African… Read More



Winterhawks Make Things Interesting, Take Two From Top Rated Kelowna

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Last season, the Portland Winterhawks threw everything but the kitchen sink at the Kelowna Rockets, but could never secure a… Read More



slides: What Can You Rent in Portland For $1,500?

The prices of apartments in Portland have risen in recent years, but that hasn’t stopped hordes of young people from… Read More



Activist “Disgusted” Over Portland Officers’ Solidarity With Ferguson Cop

A Portland activist said she was “disgusted” over recent Facebook postings by Portland police that displayed… Read More



Despite Sloppy Start Blazers Win Eighth Straight

For the second time in as many games the Blazers got serious in the second half and won with ease.



PSU Students Protest Giving Guns to Campus Police

Campus Public Safety Officers at Portland State do not currently carry firearms.

As the Portland State University Board of Trustees gets ready to vote on a proposal that would arm the university’s… Read More



Ferguson Decision: Portland Activists Pledge to Demonstrate

A Missouri Grand Jury voted not to indict police officer Darren Wilson after he shot and killed an unarmed black teen in… Read More



Major Retail Outlets’ Thanksgiving Day Shopping Hours

Retail Stores continue to open their doors earlier and earlier for the Thanksgiving shopping season. Black Friday is now Early Bird Thursday. Photo Credit: m01229 on Flickr

Talk about a whole new meaning to "early bird." In an effort to get a (turkey) leg up on the competition - and inevitably… Read More



Make the Most of Your Thanksgiving Leftovers With Recipes from Local Chefs

You've just finished up, or just about to finish up, that big Thanksgiving Day meal. Before you slip into a… Read More



Five Ways Living in the Moment will Improve your Health

Photo Credit: iStock

You are constantly barraged by stimulus.  You demand it — faster downloads, changing topics, always keeping part… Read More



Auto Hollywood: The Cars With The Most Awards This Year

2015 Golf TDI via media.vw.com

All of the acting nominations will be coming out soon and the entire “award season” will be upon us. Not to be… Read More


Beauty & Fashion

Other Ways to Shop Local on Black Friday

OPearl Brands Photo Credit: mushroom photography (image cropped)

The Little Boxes stores are not the only place to shop local this holiday season, check out the Portland Saturday Market,… Read More



Portland Then/Now: Southwest 11th Ave. and Morrison St.

Southwest Morrison Street, 1976. City of Portland Archives, A2011-018.72.

Portland Then/Now: This image, from 1976, is from Southwest Morrison Street near Eleventh Avenue looking northwest. Old… Read More



slides: Culinaria Vol. 5 with Chef Aaron Barnett at Disjecta

Developer Randy Rapaport and Chef Aaron Barnett at Culinaria. Photo by Byron Beck.

Disjecta held another installment of its savory and successful Culinaria, the chef-driven dinner series bringing food lovers… Read More



DIY Foodie Gifts for the Holidays: Homemade Hot Sauce

Photo Credit: iStock

Making the perfect hot sauce is an elusive treasure hunt, a labor of sweat, tears and more than a few pepto bismol to get… Read More



Tender Loving Empire Unveils Second Location with Grand Opening Party

Photo Credit: Tender Loving Empire Facebook Page

Portland record label and handmade goods store Tender Loving Empire, has unveiled a new Hawthorne location just in time for… Read More



College Admissions: Research and Internship Explanations that Get Noticed

Photo Credit: iStock

How to be sure that research and internship experiences are clearly presented in your college applications.



slides: Oregon’s Seven Best Winter Warmer Ales

Photo Courtesy of Widmer Brewing Co.

On Saturday, September 6th I enjoyed my first winter warmer ale of the year. That’s right, no sooner than Labor Day had… Read More



slides: Party Report: Celebrating Women in Culinary Arts on St. Catherine’s Day

Sam Overall and Lucy Brennan at St. Catherine's Day. Photo credit: Byron Beck

In Portland though St. Catherine's Day was a food and drink tasting event showcasing the bounty of the Pacific… Read More



High Notes: The Best Live Music in Portland This Week

Radiation City Courtesy of Tender Loving Empire

Just because you plan on ingesting enough tryptophan to hibernate till Easter is no reason to forsake your live music… Read More



Didi’s Manners & Etiquette: Thanksgiving Fêtes

Photo Credit: iStock

Many thanks for all the Thanksgiving etiquette questions to Didi Lorillard at NewportManners.com this week. From… Read More



Teachers, How To Get Out of A Funk in the Classroom

Photo Credit: iStock

I think that like most people who have jobs, those of us in education can have the occasional bad day. Some educators have… Read More



Storm Large on Her New Album & Upcoming Holiday Ordeal

Storm Large. Photo by Autumn de Wilde

GoLocalPDX had a chance to speak to Portland's least diva-iest of divas, the one and only Storm Large about her new album… Read More



PDX Carpet Memorialized as a High-Quality Print

Image Credit: PDX Prints (cropped)

For over 20 years, the iconic PDX carpet has been one of Portland's most evocative symbols. Now with the ongoing removal… Read More



Dear Robin: My Biggest Pet Peeve

Dear Robin, a good friend of mine “Pam” recently bought a small dog “Kiki” and started taking… Read More



Literopolis: Indie First, YA Authors, More

Photo Credit: Broadway Books (cropped)

Thanksgiving weekend has traditionally been a time to relax, eat good food, and spend time with loved ones. The weekend has… Read More



St. Andrew Legal Clinic Fundraiser Breaks Records, Entertains

On October 30, hundreds of people filled the Grand Ballroom at the Portland Art Museum for St. Andrew Legal Clinic’s… Read More



A Guide to Backcountry Skiing and Snowboarding

Jeff Acciaioli

The snow fell, the gear was packed, and the alarm rang at 5 am. You fought for a parking spot and raced for first chair. You… Read More



slides: GoLocalPDX’s Shopping Guide to PDX’s Little Boxes

Earrings by Anne Bocci Photo Credit: Anne Bocci (image cropped).

GoLocalPDX has created a nifty holiday guide to the city-wide shopping event Little Boxes, for all those ready to shop till… Read More



St. Catherine’s Day in PDX: A Celebration of Women and Food

Cathy Whims, owner of Nostrana restaurant in Southeast Portland

St. Catherine's Day in Portland is a food and drink tasting event that showcases the bounty of the Pacific Northwest and… Read More


Beauty & Fashion

slides: Portland Threads: The Coat and Scarf Combo

Ashley from New York, is wearing a heavy coat and a Marc Jacobs scarf.  Photo Credit: Kemea Smith

Portland Threads is GoLocalPDXs weekly review of what Portlanders are wearing on the streets.



College 3 by 5: Programs in Product Design

Photo Credit: <a href=

University programs in Product Design – also referred to as Industrial Design – train students to become… Read More



slides: Adopt Me! 10 Cute Pets In Need of Loving Homes- November 22

Hi! My name is ACE.

Calling all pet lovers! Check out these 10 pets available for adoption from the Multnomah County Animal Services. 



Oregon, ‘Booziest’ State in America

Photo Credit: iStock

Oregon is the number one booziest state in America, according to a ranking by Thrillist.