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slides: 25 New Things Coming to Portland

Saturday, September 19, 2015


Change is a good thing, right? Whether you enjoy change or whether you will forever feel very uncomfortable with the concept, Portland seems addicted to it. 

See Slideshow Below: 25 New Things Coming to Portland

In a city where cranes are a more common sight than birds in the sky, Portland is ready to welcome new buildings, restaurants, laws, and practices. The skyline of the West - and the East - sides of Portland are about to become unfamiliar to most of Portland's oldest inhabitants. That's right, those who have lived here for about a decade: here's looking at you. 

And if you have been living under a rock for a couple of years, please trust that when you resurface, you will have many difficulties trying to find your way home. Soon, Portland will have everything from wooden skyscrapers to ice cream sundae laboratories. But don't worry, the sundaes will be vegan-friendly. 

Below, we list 25 things that are worth keeping an eye out for. 


Related Slideshow: 25 New Things Coming to Portland

Out with the old, in with the new things in Portland. Except for Blue Star. That will never get old. 

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Pine Street Market

Essentially the most expensive mall food court imaginable, Pine Street Market is set to open its doors in late 2015. Pine Street Market contains nine food vendors with open Oktoberfest-esque communal seating. Current tenants enlisted for the market include Barista (for coffee), Ken’s Artisan Bakery (for baked goods), and Hopworks (for beer). You know, all the Portland essentials. 

133 SW Pine St. 

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Burnside Bridgehead

The East Side is about to get a skyline. Expected to become a defining architectural symbol of the city, the 21-story Burnside Bridgehead will open in the summer of 2016. The structure will include an outdoor green space, an eco-roof, and low-income housing, as well as businesses. 

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Bike Share Program

It's official, Portland is finally getting its own bike share program. Marketed as one of the best Bike Share programs in the country, Portland's plan is proposed to be the cheapest. Expect to start bike sharing by July of 2016. 

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Legal Marijuana

This one's old news to Portlanders but still pretty new for the United States, in general. Legal marijuana is set to hit retail stores in just a couple of weeks. As if Oregon couldn't get more green, it looks like breweries may soon have some competitive business. 

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James Beard Market

Developed by the architect behind the Oslo Opera House, the James Beard Market will give Seattle's Pike Place Market a run for its money. Though it is awkwardly positioned between two freeway exit ramps in what is now a parking lot, the Market still plans on having 50 permanent vendors, 40 day tables, full-service restaurants, a teaching kitchen and event space. Are you ready for the end?

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The Maple Parlor

Portlanders love their treats. First, it was specialty donuts, then it was specialty ice cream, now it's specialty sundaes? The Maple Parlor is opening on Hawthorne and it advertises itself as "sundaes for everyone" due to its accommodations for vegans. Expect things that taste unhealthy but are quite the opposite in reality. 

3538 SE Hawthorne Blvd. 

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Wooden Skyscrapers

Sometimes, history really does repeat itself. Called a "laminated timber project," it looks like wooden buildings are coming back in style. However, this time they're going to be taller than ever before. The project is being planned in the Pearl District as a potential solution to global warming. 

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Churro Bar

Some bars serve alcohol and some bars prefer churros. The owners of Portland restaurant favorite Ataula are opening 180 on NE Broadway, a churro bar. Apparently, the name 180 relates to fryer oil

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Indoor Rowing Studio

An indoor rowing studio is coming to The Pearl as part of Firebrand, a space that combines diverse types of workouts. What is indoor rowing, you might ask? That's a great question. You can find out more by dropping by Firebrand.

500 NW 14th Ave. 

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Another striking building that resembles two gift-wrapped Christmas presents is being added to the East Side by the name of the "Fair Haired Dumbbell." Besides keeping the Burnside Bridgehead company on the East Side (it shares Bridgehead's lot), it has also won the gold medal in the odd building name contest.

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Grove Hotel

The Grove Hotel technically already exists but its expansion will change the face of Chinatown. With a sleek, ultra modern design - the Grove Hotel will attract business to the area with R2D2 expected to be moved. 

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Do you like bars such as Jackknife or the Bye and Bye? Don't pretend you can live without the Eastern Bowl. One of Portland's most ambitious new bars is slated to open on SE Sandy. Century will be so hip that you will forget it's a sports bar. Century is proposed to have an impressive rooftop bar with a layout like a high school basketball court. 

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Japanese Garden

One of the most authentic Japanese gardens in the continental U.S. currently graces Portland with its presence. And there will soon be much more of it. The Portland Japanese Garden is undergoing an expansion. The only drawback is that visitors won't be allowed to visit the garden until March 2016 while construction takes place.

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Lloyd Center Mall

The Lloyd Center Mall is getting a remodel. Believe it or not, the Lloyd Center Mall was the biggest shopping center in the world upon its arrival in 1960. Soon, it will be making headlines again when it adds a new glass atrium, a new spiral staircase spanning down all three levels and changes to the food court and the ice skating rink

2201 Lloyd Center

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Green Zebra

A Green Zebra is going to be the anchor store for Hassalo on 8th as part of all the new construction in the Lloyd District. Though some might have suspected a New Seasons or a Whole Foods, new times call for new groceries. The "healthy neighborhood" grocery store will be open in early 2016. 

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St. Johns Park

St. Johns is getting a new park with sweeping views of the Willamette. The park will encompass three acres and satisfy the growing population of Portland's northernmost neighborhood. According to OPB, the park will make sure 500 residents who did not previously have a green space within a half mile will now have access. 

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La Moule

Opening in two days, La Moule is the Belgian mussel bar that wants you to know that its wallpaper is better than yours. Luc Lac, here's looking at you. A 1970s avant-garde soundtrack will greet you as you decide between actually ordering mussels or going with a safer option, like a burger. 

2500 SE Clinton St.

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National Hotel

A new hotel is coming to SW Broadway and everybody is excited about it - except for all of the other hotels in the area. The hotel will be a 170-room hotel, with 200,000 square feet of office space and 320 parking spaces. 

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Seeing Nature

The Portland Art Museum will soon shake things up with a new exhibition entitled Seeing Nature: Landscape Masterworks. From October 10th through January 10th, 2016, you can see a number of inspiring landscape paintings on display. 

1219 SW Park Ave.

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Olympia Oyster Bar

We mentioned that La Moule is opening for mussels, but what if you prefer oysters? Olympia Oyster Bar is set to take over the lease of Beer City Bottle Shop on N Mississippi. After all, oysters are the new shrimp. 

4214 N. Mississippi Ave.

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Hat Yai

You must know Langbaan, right? Langbaan has a notorious waiting list and can be found booked for months at a time. Owners will open spin-off restaurant Hat Yai to satisfy cravings in the meantime. Expect Hat Yai somewhere on NE Killingsworth in coming months. 

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Woodstock New Seasons

Reed College students rejoice. New Seasons is expanding with a new store opening on Woodstock on October 21st. Shoppers can look forward to a wok bar, a ramen bar, an actual bar (with beer and wine), and more!

SE Woodstock Boulevard and 45th Ave.

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Park Avenue West

Destined to be Portland's fourth tallest building, Park Avenue West has already altered downtown Portland's skyline. In a city with few skyscrapers, Park Avenue West will include commercial office space, ground floor retail, and apartments for trendy West Enders. The building will be complete in 2016 so nearby residents can once again catch some z's. 

805 SW Broadway Ave. 

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Chopsticks II

Portland loves its tattoo parlors and its breweries, but it also loves its karaoke dive bars. Chopsticks Express is closing its E Burnside location and relocating. It's last day is September 19th. Chopsticks is not a new thing, but its new location is important to note. 

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Willamette Riverwalk

Though not necessarily in Portland, Oregon is gaining a new landmark that will call for national attention. And lots of tourism. The Willamette Falls Riverwalk will be a new walkway that offers the public sweeping views of the country's second largest waterfall. Move over, Niagra Falls. 


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