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slides: 10 Things ‘Basic’ Girls in Portland Do

Monday, December 01, 2014


Photo Credit: iStock

If you don't know what a 'Basic Bitch' is, a quick Google search will get you to the definition pretty fast. 'Basic Bitch' has been a trending term amongst twenty-somethings for the past couple years, typically used to describe a privleged, white, young female whose interests center around mainstream media and girly trends

See Slides Below: 10 Things Basic Girls in Portland Do

The term 'Basic Bitch' was originally used within the LGBT and drag communities as an insult to competitiors at vogue balls, according to an article by PAPER Magazine. But over the years the term has been used across sites such as College Humor, Thought Catalog and Buzzfeed to describe 'average' white grils. 

'Basic bitch' often refers to girls who all do, say and wear the same things - things that seem uninteresting or just plain stupid to a lot of people. It's often used as a negative way to describe women who follow the crowd and buy into materialistic fads. 

But why is it bad for a woman to like "basic," or "mainstream" things? Everyone is entitled to their own taste! Many girls know that they're often called "basic bitches" because of their style and interests, but they don't care. And that's why they're awesome. 

Basic bitches love hashtags, instagram, Autumn, and everything pumpkin spice, and now basic bitches around the globe are getting excited for all the decorative cuteness that comes with the holiday season. 

As weird and unique as Portland is, it's not lacking in basic bitches, but the basics here are a little different than most. Here are 10 things basic bitches in Portland do. 


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If there's one thing basic bitches love more than froyo, it's ice cream, especially trendy ice cream. Basics can always be spotted waiting over and hour in line at Salt & Straw, Portland's iconic ice cream shop. While many people wouldn't spend that much time waiting for ice cream, for basics an hour is a small price to pay for that perfect instagram pic of a strawberry honey balsamic black pepper cone. 

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On a Friday night, many Portlanders prefer to stop by the corner brewery or that hole-in-the-wall Irish pub that nobody knows about. But not basic bitches. These girls are going clubbing with their best girlfriends. Basics can always be spotted in mini skirts and high heels (even if it's raining) waiting in line for the Barrell Room downtown. Just like Salt & Straw, they're willing to wait over an hour for admittance, but time flies when you're taking selfies with the girls am I right?


Photo Credit: Barrel Room Home Page 

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Basic bitches are commonly associated with apparel including leggings, Ugg boots, North Face jackets, and infinity scarves, but even the basics of Portland stray from the norm. Keep the scarves and the North Face Jackets, but replace the leggings with skinny jeans and the Uggs with leather booties from Urban Outfitters and you get the main winter wear for Portland's basics. You can often spot them walking down Mississippi Ave. on a Saturday afternoon. No, those aren't triplets, just three girls with the exact same atttire, aka: basic bitches. 

Photo Credit: Urban Outfitters website

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Basic bitches love Northwest 23rd Avenue. It's #classy, #cute, and has a #Salt&Straw. Basics flock to this area in packs, usually for shopping, happy hour, and of course ice cream. 

"23rd Ave. with my girls #treatyoself #lovetheseladies #blessed" (insert photo of girls holding ice cream cones and urban outfitters bags in front of Salt & Straw here).

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Portlanders are more thrifty than most. A girl outfitted in a second-hand combination from Buffalo Exchange would probably look pretty hip in any other city. But in Portland, there are no lack of thrift stores and consignment shops. Buffalo exchange is pretty mainstream in the thrift store world here. So, if a girl says she loves being thrifty and her favorite thrift shop is Buffalo Exchange, chances are she's a basic.

Photo Credit: Buffalo Exchange website 

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We live in the land where the sun don't shine too often. That means white girls are gonna be real white. But not basics, they won't stand for that. They want that So Cal glow. Tanning beds, spray tans and bronze lotion are a must for basic bitches here.

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Basics bitches usually like Uggs, decorative flat sandals, or white Converse High Tops, but those shoes don't whether well in the rain. Portland basics have to get a little bit creative. A simple black rain boot won't do - way too drab. And why wear black rain boots when they come in so many patterns and colors that spruce up a North Face jacket so nicely?!

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Basic bitches know the best sushi places in every city, but with Portland being such a foodie place, the basics are more foodie too. They're really the ones to trust when it comes to sushi. Speaking of sushi - you'll probably spot them eating it at the Departure Lounge for any birthday or bachelorette party. They love that rooftop view, perfect for instagram pics. 

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Once again, basic bitches in any city know the best places for brunch.

Basics. Love. Brunch. 

But in Portland, EVERYONE loves brunch, and everyone waits in line for brunch. But I guarantee you, the basic bitches can and will wait longer than you. They will DIE without those mimosas and that perfect instagram pic.

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It doesn't matter what city they're in, basic bitches love their pumpkin spice lattes (PSL) from Starbucks. 


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