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So Far, Odds Makers Not Betting On Trail Blazers

Thursday, August 28, 2014


Damain Lillard. Photo Credit: nikk_la via Compfight cc

As the offseason has progressed, the Blazers' betting odds to win the 2015 NBA Championship have decreased significantly.

Just after the Spurs were crowned 2014 Champs in June, the Blazers were in the neighborhood of 30-to-1 underdogs.

Since free agency, trades, and injury have affected rosters, Portland have been downgraded. Most betting sites and indexes have downgraded the Blazers' chances to 40-1. (See the chronology here.)

For reference, the Blazers have been given similar prospects to the Washington Wizards and Paul George-less Pacers (it should be noted, however, the Wizards' and Pacers' odds reflect an easier path through the Eastern Conference).

In the West, Portland are generally ranked above the Grizzlies (50-1) and below the Warriors (22-1).

Oddly enough, most sites prefer the Rockets (16-1) over Portland, even after the Blazers knocked Houston out of last year's playoffs. It's even more puzzling to consider that Houston's roster, what with the departures of Chandler Parsons and Omer Asik, has thinned considerably.

In regards to Portland, bookmakers seem to suggest that they don't like what they've seen this summer from the front office--that Mo Williams will be missed, and that Chris Kaman and Steve Blake aren't enough to fill the hole.

Photo Credit: nikk_la via Compfight cc


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From claymation to technology to the the ultimate child prodigee - Wieden has done it all to help create and reinvent the Nike brand.

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Baby Tiger

This W+K ad took the legacy, skill and training of young Tiger Woods all the way to the links in Scotland and the British Open.


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Nike Evolution

The early Nike ads  were maybe not the most creative by today's creative standards, but the brilliance of the Nike Evolution ad was that it made a sneaker a piece of technology. It may be the first time that a sports product was sold with the idea that an athlete could gain an advantage through apparel or footwear.


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Just Do It

The first time the iconic tagline, "Just Do it" was ever used in a Nike ad was in 1988. It was not Michael Jordan, but a guy named Walt Stack - take a look.


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Mars Blackmon made Spike Lee, elevated Michael Jordan's cred, made millions for Nike and thrust W+K into the first class designation as a global ad agency.


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Before Tiger there was no Nike Golf. This ad was the foundation to the development of the product line. Tiger was a different golfer: He was the first athlete in the game, strong and brilliant. No golfer ever looked so cool.


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Michael Jordan may be the greatest basketball player ever. But what made him a marketing superstar was the Air Jordan positioning - the sub brand created by Wieden + Kennedy.


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Bo knows. Bo Jackson may have been the greatest athlete of all time, but no one would have known if it were not for the amazing creative developed by Wieden + Kennedy for Nike. Bo knows and we know Bo.


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Lil Penny

Lil Penny was in part the brainchild of creative Stacy Wall at W+K and rolled out Chris Rock as the alter ego to Orlando Magic guard Penny Hardaway. 

Claymation never played so well as the moment when Lil Penny hit on Tyra Banks.



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