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EDITORIAL: There is Only One Thing that Can Stop a Trump v. Clinton Match-Up

Thursday, February 25, 2016


There is Only One Thing that Can Stop a Donald Trump v. Hillary Clinton Match-Up.

Elections are about math. Either you have the votes or you don’t. Tuesday’s Democratic primary in South Carolina and the GOP caucus in Nevada have now decided who will be the nominees of each party.

Yes, there are most primaries and more votes to be cast, but the outcomes are decided.

With one X-Factor.


So many Democrats, independents and even a good amount of Republicans love Bernie Sanders’ message, consistency and and repudiation of Wall Street, but between super delegates and African-American support, Sanders can’t win the nomination.

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton Debate

He can win a few primaries and continue to push Clinton to the left and she will be forced to embrace more of his ideals (Clinton should be arrested for theft as her most recent speeches are his words), but the race is over. Clinton wins.


In the GOP speeches after each primary Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio constantly announce their victories during their concession speeches. The only problem is they have lost and sometimes quite badly — they seem to be the last to know.

After the New Hampshire primary and a third place finish, Cruz proclaimed, “That a conservative, we were told, could not do well in the state of New Hampshire. We were told that over and over again. And tonight, the men and women across this great state proved them wrong."

Ted Cruz lagging behind

Cruz received just 11% of the vote in the New Hampshire primary. 

The Nevada caucus has officially ended the GOP race - Trump got nearly 50% of the vote and there was record turnout. 

Trump beat the GOP party claim that he is capped at 30% of the primary vote. 

Across the country, the Republicans have seen record turnouts in the primary and caucuses and juxtaposed with the Democrats who have recorded lack lustered turnout in the primaries and caucuses.

Make no mistake about it — this record GOP turnout is fueled by Trump’s candidacy.

The X Factor

The one potential and real detour to the this potentially dream contest between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is the FBI investigation into her use of classified emails while serving as Secretary of State. Make no mistake about it, the top law enforcement organization in the country does not investigate a former Secretary of State of the President’s party, who is a leading candidate for President without some deep concerns about her behavior and potential violation of law. 

FBI Investigation continues

If the FBI comes back with a significant and indictable offense, then we can shift our political excitement over to a great bout between Vice President Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

Regardless, this is the best show going and it does not require logging onto StubHub to get a great seat.


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