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New Poll Predicts Bitter, Expensive Fight Over Corporate Taxes

Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Adam Davis of DHM Research

A new poll released this weekend from Portland-based political polling and research firm DHM Research showed that a majority of Oregon residents supported a corporate tax hike and predicted a bitter and expensive fight over the proposed ballot measure.

DHM’s poll asked 500 likely voters in the state of Oregon whether the supported Initiative Petition 28, which would “increase [ the] corporate minimum tax when sales exceed $25 million” and would dedicate the additional revenue to “education, healthcare, [and] senior services.”

When respondents were only given the ballot’s title, 59 percent of voters supported the measure. However, when provided with a brief description of what the measure would do, only 54 percent said they supported the measure. 

DHM’s report said those results could be good news for either side and predict a tough fight if the measure does appear on ballots next November.

These results can be interpreted as good news for the campaigns on either side of the issue,” the report said. “The positive results of the initial test will drive support, while negative messaging and possible alternatives—both of which tested well—will be used to sow doubt in voters’ minds. The virulent support and opposition could lead to a tough fight, resulting in tens of millions of dollars spent on each side.”

Adam Davis, a founding partner of DHM research called the impending battle over Petition 28 as a “dark cloud on Oregon’s horizon. 

“Having studied Oregonians’ values and beliefs for almost four decades, I’m concerned that the amount of money spent on advertising, and the nature of that advertising, will just feed the negativity people have about government and politics,” Davis said. “I’m afraid that it will result in less broad-based participation in the system and further political polarization in our state at a time when we need everyone on deck and working together.”


Related Slideshow: How Oregon Stacks Up for Taxes

The Tax Foundation ranked the highest and lowest taxes for each state, with the most recent data aviaiable. The higher the ranking, the more tax is due. Here's some of Oregon's lowest and highest rankings: 

Prev Next

Cell phone tax 

1.76 percent rate

Rank: 50

Prev Next

Beer Tax 

$0.08 per gallon

Rank: 45

Prev Next

State Tax Collections per Capita

$2,340 per capita

Rank: 34

Prev Next

State Cigarette Excise Tax

$1.31 per 20-pack

Rank: 27

Prev Next

Tax Freedom Day

April 20th--The day Oregonians earned enough money to pay their taxes for the year

Rank: 16th best

Prev Next

Tax Burden

$3,861 per capita

Rank: 16

Prev Next

State Gasoline Tax

$0.17 per gallon

Rank: 14 

Prev Next

Federal Aid as Percentage of State Revenue

35 percnet of state revenue

Rank: 13

Prev Next

Personal Income tax

9.9 percnet for top rate

Rank: 3

Prev Next

Spirt Tax

$22.72 per gallon

Rank: 2


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