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Bryan Washington’s Portland-Based Country Music Show Goes National

Saturday, September 06, 2014



Bryan Washington, AKA B-Dub, has gone national with his Portland-based country music program.

Bryan Washington is getting a shot at the big time with his new syndicated country music program Buckwild Saturday Night with B-Dub

Washington's Saturday nights just got a lot busier.

The popular afternoon radio DJ on 98.7 The Bull (KUPL), who goes by the jock name of B-Dub, has hit the big time, at least on Saturday night. That's because his Buckwild Saturday Night with B-Dub is now a nationally syndicated country music program broadcasting live from Alpha Broadcasting’s Portland studios.

According to Alpha, "Buckwild Saturday Night with B-Dub is a uniquely interactive radio show built around creating content by interacting with listeners and artists whether it’s digitally through social media or over the phone, live on the radio."

GoLocalPDX had a chance to talk to the DJ who mixes his down home country warmth with a generous helping of buzzy top 40 chit chat. His fun relationship with the artists goes beyond reading bios and talking about the next single. His new show features a live in-studio party crew every week to add a bit of flavor. 
Here's what he has to say about his new show: 

How did you get started in radio?  

BW: I used to make fake radio shows on my Sony boombox when I was a kid. One night I had the opportunity to job shadow at KZEL in Eugene. I was instantly hooked…started doing shows in high school at KRVM Eugene, then weekends at KZEL and KNRQ, eventually moved to Portland and commuted to Eugene to work at KDUK and also did some overnight weekends at KKRZ here in Portland. My first full-time gig was in Mobile, Alabama at a Top 40 station doing nights.  
What do you love about the country format?  

BW: The music is hotter and better than it’s ever been, and the artists are all very friendly and “real”.  They put their pants on the same way every day.  The relationship between the "Radio" and "Records " side of the format is unlike any other.  What other format has its own annual seminar?
You've worked nights...a lot. Why are you giving up your Saturday night to be on the radio?    

BW: Aside from being the ultimate radio geek?  Hosting a national show has been a goal of mine for a long time. The opportunity came up and we jumped on it. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices in order to accomplish goals.
Why is Saturday night such a good night for radio?

BW: Everyone has fun on a Saturday night.  While it might not be the largest audience, it certainly is the most active. The sad part is, shrinking budgets (with most companies) often prevent stations from having a live show on Saturday nights. Most people are headed to and from the bars or out to a bonfire, or some sort of social function. Why not give them an amazing show and soundtrack?
What does this mean for you?

BW: Let’s get the obvious out of the way, assuming the show makes a profit, which it will, it means more money, which is always nice. But, above that it means national exposure for myself as a talent, and the opportunity to create additional relationships with folks in radio, and listeners alike. In such a small industry, relationships are key.
What does this mean for the station?   

BW: It won’t change what we do, our how we sound, it will only add value and create additional promotional opportunities for contests, which of course benefit our audience. And, of course, it will generate additional revenue for the company as we continue to grow the show.
What does this mean for Portland and the nation?   

BW: Portland is already home to some great nationally syndicated radio shows on the talk side, like Lars Larson, and Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis, both originating from the Alpha family, at FM News 101 KXL.  It increases our national presence, and allows the nation to hear even more great radio that originates from an amazing city.  I would love to grow this show to a point where we can fly in artists and listeners for live shows from our Bing Lounge venue we have here in Portland…and stream them as they happen on the show.
What is the one star, country or otherwise, that you like to have on your show?  

BW: That’s a tough question because they all have amazing qualities.  I’d have to say Garth Brooks.  He is so high energy and fun, and is one that does not do a lot of interviews anymore…so definitely Garth.  
Does this mean you will sleep in on Sunday?

BW: That’s already started!  Sundays are my re-charge and family day. The less I do on Sundays, the better.
Buckwild Saturday Night with B-Dub airs Saturday Nights 7 p.m. -12 a.m. on KUPL's 98.7 The Bull

Home Page Photo Credit: SandyJo Kelly. via Compfight cc


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