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slides: 10 Bars with Outside Fire Pits

Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Rontoms is known for its outdoor patio.

Despite popular belief, adults really can enjoy fall just as much as kids. We might not get free candy, but we do get to go to bars where there’s eye candy. Some bars even go one step further with outside fire pits.

Though many Portlanders have their own opinions in regards to public cuddling, sometimes the urge to bundle up (even platonically) is just unavoidable during autumn. With hazy skies, warm cocktails, and classic sweater weather – the only thing missing to complete the scene is that outside fire pit with it's very own warmth and affection.

Below, we highlight ten great bars in Portland that are going to make you feel much better than any ten-year-old Halloween sugar rush. 


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You don't have to be indoors during fall. That's what winter is for. 

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Sweet Hereafter

Sweet Hereafter is reminiscent of fall even during the off seasons. With dim lighting, a somewhat emotional soundtrack, and lots of flannel all year round, Hereafter is also perfect for some outdoor heat. The back patio has a large, accommodating circular fire pit where attractive regulars like to nest. 

3326 SE Belmont St.

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With one of the most mesmerising back patios in all of Portland, Rontoms serves to impress. Heated fireplaces with coverage above will allow you to stay both warm and dry when fall unleashes its wrath. Also, happy hour here includes $3 well drinks, $2 domestics, and $4 food. Note: these prices are very rare considering how hip this bar is. 

600 E Burnside St.

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Radio Room

This fall, you really don't need another person to light your fire when you have Radio Room to keep you warm. Radio Room is known for its bustling rooftop bar but what many sometimes forget is the cozy fire pit below. Feel free to bring a nice book or a blanket while you curl up with your old-fashioned.  

1101 NE Alberta St.

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White Owl Social Club

White Owl Social Club is an industrial treasure. Considering the size of White Owl, it's no surprise that it has an impressive fire pit. With many themed nights and a diverse crowd with somebody for everybody, White Owl may be a bit party-centric. On the other hand, it's also a great place to meet somebody you can cuddle up with even at home. 

1305 SE 8th Ave.

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Roadside Attraction

Truly an eclectic bar, Roadside Attraction is ideal for those looking for a pit stop while wandering around Southeast Portland. With the appearance of a barn, Roadside Attraction also includes fire pits and prime seating to brush together your palms. 

1000 SE 12th Ave.

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Doug Fir Lounge

Just a stone's throw from Rontoms, the Doug Fir Lounge is Southeast royalty for mixing catchy music, cheap drinks, and a great aesthetic. After sweating from a show downstairs, the outside patio is the perfect retreat. Even if you don't enjoy the feng shui, you still have the heat to lean on. 

830 E Burnside St.

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Nel Centro

Finding a good fire pit at a bar downtown is like finding a needle in a haystack. For some reason, skyscrapers don't usually equal fire. However, Nel Centro is a notable exception. Sleek and stylish, Nel Centro also sports an impressive food menu. Drink prices are not as smooth as the decor, but disappointment is still unlikely. 

1408 SW 6th Ave.

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Cider Mill Restaurant

What sounds more like fall than a cider mill? At Cider Mill Restaurant & Lounge, you can find some of Portland's best fried chicken and one of Portland's most imaginative fire pits. Huddle together with a friend or a coworker and talk about what kind of sugar you want to utilize for that pumpkin pie you have been craving.

6712 SW Capitol Hwy.

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Bar Bar

Want to sit by an open fire with some free live music wavering in from Mississippi Studios next door? Though Bar Bar on Mississippi is not the cheapest place to drink, it's a rowdy environment that is welcoming for those seeking random conversations during the wee hours of the morning. If you really want to cause a scene, bring some marshmallows to accompany your whiskey sour. Maybe somebody will approach you with a couple of sticks. 

3939 N Mississippi Ave.

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The Knock Back

The Knock Back on Alberta is the definition of patio fine dining. So, one might imagine that there could be fire pits - and heaters. There's no reason to become a snowman at your favorite bar this fall or winter, so Knock Back should aid you in the process of retaining that summer sweat. 

2315 NE Alberta St.


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