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slides: 14 Biggest Food Stories in Portland and Oregon of 2014

Saturday, December 27, 2014


Bacon maple bar from Voodoo Donuts

Some of the best food and drink in America comes out of Portland, and everyone knows it. 

See Slides Below: GoLocalPDX's 14 Biggest Food Stories in 2014

This past year Portland was named the number one booziest state in America, and Southeast Division Street ranked the 4th best food neighborhood in the nation. CNN also named Portland one of the best places in the U.S. to dine with celebrities. Yes, Portland, right alongside New York, Los Angeles, and Miami.

Food carts, donuts, bacon-wrapped anything, and more, Portland has it all. 

There was no shortage of great food stories coming out of Portland and Oregon this year, and GoLocalPDX's expert food writers have their finger on the pulse of dining in the beaver state. 

Here are GoLocalPDX's 14 Biggest Food Stories in 2014: 


Related Slideshow: GoLocalPDX’s 14 Biggest Food Stories in 2014

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How TV Influences our Changing Food Culture

Leather Storrs, GoLocalPDX contributor and co-owner of Noble Rot Wine Bar in Southeast Portland, explains how the prevalence of food television and stars like Guy Fieri influence our food culture. 

"Hating on Fieri, especially in Portland, is easier than poopooing the ‘Couv or finding a fixie."

Read the full article

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Top Four Wild Mushrooms in the Pacific Northwest

Mushrooms are intoxicating, literally. Some are full of poisonous toxins, while others smell of apricots, fresh seafood or simply the fresh rot of the forest floor. Yet we relish their meaty wildness, that fleeting savor found in a bite of venison back strap or a fresh-caught whole trout.

GoLocalPDX brought you four species of mushroomsthat are easy to find and identify in the Pacific Northwest.

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Feast Portland: Sandwich Invitational & Pork of Ages

Day One of Feast Portland saw the return of the Widmer Brothers Brewing Sandwich Invitational presented by Dave's Killer Bread and a killer after party, "Pork of Ages," presented by the National Pork Board and Portland Monthly. 

Pork is so rock 'n' roll. That's just one of the many things that was garnered on the first day of Feast Portland.

Read the full article

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Hard Cider: DIY in Five Easy Steps

Urban farmer and master gardner, Amelie Rousseau, shared how to make delicious hard cider at home in just five easy steps. A perfect drink to warm you up this winter. 

Read the full article 

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Free Burgers from Little Big Burger to Celebrate Fourth Birthday

Portland's beloved chain Little Big Burger turned four on September 17, and invited everyone to celebrate with a free burger. 

Customers will got the choice of a free hamburger, cheeseburger, or veggie burger. All burgers, except the veggie burger, are made with Cascade Natural beef and served on a brioche bun with fresh veggies, Camden’s Catsup, and a choice of local cheeses.

Read the full article 

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Portland Restaurants' No-Reservation Policy

What's wrong with Portland restaurants' no-reservation policy? Asked GoLocalPX contributor Caryn Brooks.

The no-reservation, high-ticket restaurant is very Portland with its undercurrent of punk rock insouciance. Many big cities have famous lowbrow joints that have people lining up for hours, but white-tableclothed restaurants with $30 entrees are another thing altogether.

Read the full article 

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Starbucks' Pumpkin Scones Withdrawn From Stores

Problems with “packaging” forced Starbucks to stop selling pumpkins scones in its stores around the country just days after they first became available.

The pastry - with its pumpkin pie spice, cinnamon and pumpkin icing - has long been one of the signs of Fall for the coffee giant. They were even included in a press release last month outing the pumpkin-flavored offerings that help people “celebrate the return of Fall.”

GoLocalPDX discovered the shortage in several Portland Starbucks and then confirmed with stores around the country that they had been withdrawn.

Read the full article 

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Leather Storrs: 2015's Biggest Restaurant Openings

Leather Storrs reveals Portland's biggest restaurant openings of 2015.

He reveals menu items for new restaurants including, “BRODOJO”- Italian and Japanese inspired broth based soups served in a working Dojo, "Salt and Schmaltz" - a multi-faceted lifestyle collection aimed at Portland’s underserved Jewish community, and “Slaughter”-a unique karaoke butcher shop.

(Don't be fooled. *wink, wink*)

Read the full article

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Tips for Portland Food Writers

Leather Storrs provides Portland food writers with a unique set of tips for better writing and reviewing. 

Read the full article

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The Wrong Way to Write a Menu

Leather Storrs explains the wrong way to write a menu and why certain menus work and others don't.

"Gloria’s hand-picked heirloom mesclun and foraged purslane tumbled with brunoised red ambition shallot, hard-neck garlic, small farm Dijon, house made Zinfandel vinegar, first cold pressed arbequina olive oil, Himalayan salt flakes and toasted tellicherry pepper is a mixed green salad with vinaigrette."

Yeah. That doesn't work. 

Read the full article 

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Fez Ballroom & Sand Bar Have Shuttered

On the same day Produce Row Cafe closed up shop on the Eastside of Portland, over on the Westside there were two more closures to report.

A letter sent to employees of Restaurant Services, Inc (RSI) on indicated that The Fez Ballroom and The Sand Bar, both owned by RSI, had both closed up shop.

Read the full article

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The Top Ten Things Portlanders Do With Bacon

Ah Portland, city of contradictions. It may be home to the highest population of vegans in the country (we have to check the math on this one) but it’s also a bacon-lover’s paradise. Hell, it’s even been ranked as the fifth best city in the country for bacon lovers.

And with good reason.

Portlanders like to eat bacon in all manner of traditional and less traditional ways – it’s a veritable Portlandy pork-fest around here most of the time. But being Portlanders, we don’t stop at your run-of-the-mill breakfast bacon. We’ve found way weirder uses for this dietary staple. 

Check out the top 10 things Portlanders do with bacon here

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Six Great Portland Donut Shops That Aren't Voodoo

Everyone in Portland knows about the city’s high-calorie landmark, Voodoo Donuts. The shop, owned by stalwart character Tres Shannon, with its confections clad in outlandish oddities like strips of bacon or fruit loops, has come to symbolize for many all that is quirky (and fattening) about Portland’s culture.

But Portland has other daring and doughy donut offerings to share that may even involve less of a line than Voodoo. There are late night spots, mom-and-pop shops and, of course, artisan options that include ice cream on donuts, donuts with alcohol and donuts with a swarma chaser.

Check out these six great Portland donut shops here

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After 40 Years, Produce Row Closed it's Door

Produce Row Cafe will closed its doors at 2 AM. on Wednesday September, 2.

Produce Row Cafe, or just “The Row,” as many of the longtime regulars called it, opened its doors way back in 1974.  This popular Portland pub—the first cafe ever owned by the McMenamin brothers— served as a frosty oasis for blue-collar types and politicians alike for four decades.

It was for everybody.

Read the full article


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